Become an Executive Producer

Sometimes certain individuals or companies would like to help fund a production that they may have a specific interest in seeing produced.

They may have an active involvement in the production, or they may have a hands-off approach, to be discussed with the Managing Director.

Executive Producers who are helping to fund a production, may opt to either receive no reimbursement of their funds, or they may seek full or partial reimbursement, if the production does not lose money.

Our policy is that any financial assistance provided by Executive Producers seeking reimbursement, should be repaid after a production closes, if enough donations, sponsorships or ticket sales were made to cover the financial assistance provided.

If partial or full reimbursement is not possible due to the production being a financial loss, the Executive Producer must consider their funds a contribution to The Pride Center Players.

Whether or not your funding would be promoted similar to the above Sponsorship Levels, would be up to The Pride Center Player’s Managing Director and whatever arrangement was made with you. Typically, you would be credited in the playbill as an Executive Producer, and also within the appropriate Productions page/section on our Website.

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