Our Logo

In theatre lingo, the “green room” is a waiting room or area where performers wait behind the scenes, while they are not on stage. The actual origin of the term is debatable but some say the original waiting rooms were painted green – yet today this is seldom true.

In gay history, a downward pointing pink triangle was used by Nazi Germany in concentration camps, to mark which prisoners were homosexual. Today, the gay community embraces the downward pointing pink triangle as a symbol of gay pride.

Our Triangle Circle Players logo utilizes a downward pointing green triangle, surrounded by a pink circle, to symbolize that although many of our actors and crew may be heterosexual, we ask that any participants be accepting of the LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexual Queer or Questioning) community and sympathetic to their issues and topics, which our productions may address.

However we are a non-exclusive production company. Our productions will focus on issues and topics that relate to tolerance, acceptance, love, and spirituality issues and topics – which may or may not directly relate to the LGBTIQ community. All are invited to participate/volunteer in our productions, and all are invited to attend as audience members, regardless of anyone’s sexual identity.

A NJ theater production company focusing on LGBTIQ topics.