Our History

Back in early 2007, Darren Nye was interested in producing/directing “Avow” by Bill C. Davis, which has a partial gay theme. The play can also be described as a drama about the universal themes and dilemmas of faith, commitment, human sexuality, obedience and family.

Darren initially spoke to the playwright Bill C. Davis, about the possibility of filming (err, videotaping) a version of the play, to present at film festivals. However Paramount Pictures owned the rights and it would have been prohibitively expensive to get around that.

So instead, Darren presented his ideas to several local theater companies in central New Jersey. However, none of them opted in for the production. It’s unclear if this was due the sensitive subject matter, or if the theaters thought there were better options, or another reason.

In early August 2011, the Coordinator for Villagers Theatre’s VIP Series (Villagers Independent Producers), contacted Darren about his possible interest in producing/funding the play himself, in their smaller Zaidi theater (formerly Black Box). This re-energized Darren’s interest in producing/directing the play. Villagers Theatre committed to the production and an agreement was met in September 2011.

Thus, Darren would need to provide his own financial backing and find a theater production company to assist with developing the production.

Darren thought it was an ideal time to pull together a theater production company that would focus on LGBTIQ issues.

And finally, Triangle Circle Players was born. Darren has documented what he feels a good production company will need, roles/responsibilities and an Organizational Structure document. It’s actual structure and participants is still evolving.

A NJ theater production company focusing on LGBTIQ topics.