Our Goals

Goal 1:

Continue finding a core group of volunteers to give life to the theater company, who are willing to help out with various productions from both a creative and technical standpoint. Determine everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and find additional volunteers to fill the gaps. Discuss funding and budgetary realities/financial needs.

Goal 2:

Early June 2012: Assemble a production team for a second production to be performed in the fall 2012. Darren Nye Produced/Directed the first Triangle Circle Players production of “Avow” by Bill C. Davis in January 2012.

Goal 3:

Late June 2012: Find a theater to commit to a second production to be performed in the fall of 2012.

Goal 4:

Mid July 2012: Hold auditions, rehearsals and production meetings for second production.

Goal 5:

For the company itself, Triangle Circle Players, find three core volunteers who are willing to take on, and can effectively perform the duties of the Artistic Director (also VP), Director of Development (also Treasurer), and Company Stage Manager (also Secretary).

Goal 6:

Obtain 501(c)3 non-profit status, so donations given by sponsors, could be tax-deductible. This may involve incorporating and obtaining non-profit status.

Goal 7:

Find at least three locations / venues that we can use or rent as a community theater, for our productions.

Goal 8:

Continue to produce additional quality plays, musicals and other productions of interest to the community.

A NJ theater production company focusing on LGBTIQ topics.